"Biblical Womanhood" isn't what you've been taught. Become all God means for you to be!


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Books by Kendra Weddle and Melanie Springer Mock

The Ain’t I a Woman? blog examines the many ways Christian culture lets women know exactly who they should be. We deconstruct those messages that we find troubling–and, in the process, construct a different message: one that allows Christian women to be all that God intended.


Articles by Melanie Springer Mock

Articles by Kendra Weddle

The FemFaith Blog On Christian Feminism Today

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FemFaith was an intergenerational conversation among three Christian feminists: Kendra Weddle Irons, Melanie Springer Mock, and Letha Dawson Scanzoni. The name came from their desire to be “feminists, faithfully” and to show how their Christian faith and their feminism connect, draw upon, and foster growth in both areas.

The blog was active from June 2, 2012 until November 21, 2013, but many of the subjects addressed are still relevant today.  Click here for an index of posts.