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Writing and speaking the truth about Christian evangelical culture.

Asking and answering the tough questions.


“It’s no wonder Christian women struggle to find a voice in their church communities and to feel affirmed in their life’s choices, whatever those might be.” Learn about Kendra Weddle Irons and Melanie Springer Mock, two women working to empower Christian women.


Learn about books by Kendra and Melanie, including If Eve Only Knew, which offers a fresh perspective on gender and the Bible, destroying trumped-up, captive-creating messages with the freeing proclamation grounded in Jesus’ ministry and found everywhere in scripture


Kendra and Melanie speak at churches, conferences and universities, presenting their work deconstructing evangelical culture and all aspects of Christian feminism.  Topics include “The Problem of Purity,”  and “Be Quiet Already: Evangelical Popular Culture’s Misogyny.”

Read what reviewers are saying about If Eve Only Knew.

In If Eve Only Knew, Kendra and Melanie do an amazing job of weaving vivid illustrations from contemporary culture with cogent biblical scholarship, all in an engaging, witty style, as in their blog, Ain’t I a Woman. Their book, like their blog and their presentations at Christian Feminism Today Gatherings, makes me laugh at the ludicrous mandates for “biblical womanhood” while feeling profound sadness over all the ways evangelical popular culture harms people with stifling gender prescriptions.
Rev. Dr. Jann Aldredge-Clanton, Reviewed on Christian Feminism Today
Kendra Weddle Irons and Melanie Springer Mock not only wade deeper into the muck of evangelical Christian popular culture and its gender messages, they bring the conversation back to solid ground with substantial biblical exegesis. In addition to naming current trends in the broader “biblical womanhood” and “biblical manhood” movements (purity culture, patriarchy, Proverbs 31 ministries, Christian masculinity, the silencing of women’s voices in the church), the book offers sound interpretation…
Paula Hampton

Kendra and Melanie’s blog, “Ain’t I a Woman?


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